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Friday, September 19, 2003

"Domestic terrorism" 

This is a term that realy bothers me. This
is a new term that the law and anti-AR
people are using to justify stepped-up
campaigns against groups of people who
are trying to promote changes in society.

There have been efforts to stop lawful
protests with this term. Before this,
somebody that set a fire was simply
an arsonist. That is not the same thing
as terrorism. Neither is protesting
outside of someone's home or office.
Painting someone's car is vandalism,
not terrorism. Making threatening
phone calls is harassment, or at the
worst, simple assault. That is not

Suicide bombings are terrorism.
Blowing up buildings with little kids
inside is terrorism. Releasing animals
is criminal mischief. Blowing up an
empty building is still not terrorism.
It may be considered a crime, but these
people are not terrorists. These people
still have civil rights.

I also detest the usage of 9/11 by either
side for promoting their own agenda. It
was an act of terrorism. This should be
used to rally the American people together,
not split them apart.

While some factual statements may have
been made regarding this issue, I feel it
was in poor taste to do it. That is not
the way to convince people to listen to
your side of things, no matter the truth
of the argument.

The issue at hand of animal suffering
is bad, even horrible, but the facts speak
for themselves. There is no sense in
evoking this tragedy to make a point.
There is no connection between those
deaths and animal rights.

Yes, the people who died won't be eating
any more meat, but I seriously doubt every
one of them did so. These people certainly
will not have the opportunity to help
animals either.

Let's stick to the issue at hand, people.
It is not necessary to exploit this tragedy
for any personal gain or for the gain of
any group. I was upset at all the money
made by companies playing on people's
patriotism by selling products with flags
on them, too. Coffee mugs and T-shirts
and bumper stickers. Come on.

It belittles the deaths of these people to
either make money from the tragedy or
to invoke them to prove an unrelated point.

That's it for my rant today. I feel better now.
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