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Monday, September 15, 2003

More activism 

I was pleased to see two more stories
of efforts by other activists to DO
SOMETHING about this situation.

First, there was an article in the Sunday
Telegraph in Australia. Animal Liberation
rescued 15 birds from chicken farms over
there and got videotapes of the conditions
inside. What is even better is that they
got the story, and editorial, and a picture
in such a large newspaper.

The conditions they found are the same as
what I have described in an earlier post as
being my experience as to the conditions
these birds live under. Good work folks!

Also, I found out that here in America
there is a woman named Rachel Bjork
who is biking across the country and
demonstrating at KFCs on the way to
protest the treatment of chickens. She
is keeping a travel diary of her trek here.
Good luck and great job, Rachel!

There are many more people doing
their bit that don't get heard about
every day. There are many people
writing letters, making calls, and holding
protests around the world on almost a
daily basis to do something about this
problem - to bring it to people's

If you have done something to make the
situation better, contact me. I'll be glad
to call attention to your efforts and give
you encouragement, for what it is worth.

It is hard to go against what the majority
of what people do and think and stick your
neck out, in the full knowledge that there
will be someone out there just waiting for a
crack at you. I know - it has happened to me.

Then, of course, you have the vast majority
still screaming, "They're just chickens!"
Yes, they are chickens (or cows, pigs, etc.)
but I hardly think that we need to be overly
cruel to them. It is not necessary to torture
these animals to kill them for food. There are
humane ways of doing it. And we'll keep
fighting for that until people quit it.
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