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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Update - KFC caves to PETA! 

Well, this was such good news that
I felt it worth an extra post today.
I have been working with PETA on the
KFC issue, so this feels wonderful.

Faced with such overwhelming
information gathered by many people
who feel strongly on the issue of
cruelty in factory farming, they could
no longer deny that raising and
killing chickens by current methods is
cruel and inhumane.

According to PETA's website today,
under the agreement reached KFC can
no longer post on its website:

that chickens raised for KFC suffer no pain

that chickens raised for KFC suffer no injuries

that KFC suppliers use "state-of-the-art"
slaughter equipment

that humane treatment of the birds is "ensured"

that KFC prohibits its suppliers from giving
chickens growth-promoting substances

that KFC has had an animal-welfare policy
in place for nearly a decade

Their customer service operators can no
longer lie to the public by telling callers:

that PETA's claims about the way chickens
are treated are "untrue"

that PETA lost a lawsuit about the way
KFC treats chickens

that in a dispute between PETA and KFC,
PETA was ruled against by a mediator

that KFC's animal-welfare panel monitors
suppliers for compliance with its guidelines

that KFC has implemented gas-killing as a
more humane way of killing chickens

that KFC has "strict" guidelines for its suppliers

that chickens raised for KFC suffer no pain
or injuries

In effect, KFC is admitting that they know
that horrific cruelty exists, but they aren't
really doing much about it. It's up to us as
consumers to decide which companies we
reward with our dollars. It must be more
expensive for KFC to do business the
wrong way than it is to "do chicken right."

At least they are not able to deny it anymore.
If only they would implement changes that
reflect their prior claims. We can only hope.

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