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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

What passes for "humane" handling? 

You might be interested in what a
group of activists over at
Compassion Over Killing found at an
"Animal Care Certified" site.
They have some great photos taken
there and at three auctions.
These are some good people.
They are making changes without
being judgmental or condescending
when they educate people on the
advantages of a vegetarian diet.
They had a good write-up in the
Washington Post.

This is what passes for humane
slaughter in this country. Chickens
have less room than a sheet of
typing paper in which to live. What
they are doing is completely legal.
That is the problem. The majority
of people are willing to pay a few
cents per pound more for meat if
they can be assured the animals
were raised "humanely." If you
want to see what the term "free range"
refers to go here.

We are trying to get a similar message
across here. We know that not everyone
will quit eating meat. We just want to
make sure that when people make that
choice that they are given all the facts.
Especially since the industry lies about
the conditions and defends the practices.
They are counting on most people not
wanting to know what happens to an
animal before it becomes dinner.

If you want to continue to eat meat,
then you should be in a position as
a consumer to decide where and with
whom you spend your money.
Nowadays the public can get more
changed with their buying power. It
is a real power. Big corporations lobby
the legislators to keep things "business
as usual." The few increments of
change we can get through legislation
are not happening fast enough and the
changes are not large enough to make
much difference.

I'm sure that the chickens do appreciate
an increase of a couple of inches to
move around, but it is a far cry from
being "humane." Even at the more
"humane" egg farms they still kill all the
male chicks since they can't lay eggs
and are the wrong breed for meat.
The normal practices for the culling
of the babies is either grinding them
alive or putting them into a plastic
garbage bag alive to smother.

We can do better than this. We are
basically a decent society that does
not want to needlessly harm animals
or damage the Earth we call home.
Factory farms do both.

And society lets them.
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