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Thursday, November 06, 2003

More Bogus Claims From KFC 

Well, we have finally seen the infamous
new KFC commercials that everyone is
making fun of and none of the advertising
people believe will work. They are every
bit as ridulous as we expected them to be.
Have you seen these stupid things yet?

It seems that the best justification for the
absolutely laughable claim that eating their
fried chicken is good for you is that it is,
"more healthy than a Burger King Whopper."

Oooooh. So is a candy bar, but it wouldn't
make for a very healthy dinner. What else
can we find that is better for you than a
Whopper, but still not good for you, either??

According to David Goetz of The Courier-
Journal, "It's a message the consumer might
find a little hard to swallow."

He was quoting a brand consultant about
their new tactic, who said, "It's so counter-
intuitive that it seems like a long shot to me.
We've all been trained to know that fried
foods are a bad idea."

He also points out that, "The quick of eye
will notice printed disclaimers in the ads
saying a balanced diet and exercise are
necessary for good health, fried chicken
'is not a low-fat, low-sodium, low-
cholesterol food.'"

Still, of all the articles we read about this
story, the funniest one we saw was the
one in the Sun Times by Lewis Lazare.

We loved some of his phrasing. Some of
his more choice observations were:

There's logic. Then there's KFC logic ...
logic would seem to dictate that FCB might
have opted to steer clear of actually trying
to position KFC as a health food...The logic
applied in both commercials collapses almost

He also makes the points that their campaign:

is long on data and painfully short on creative
inspiration...the commercials left us with the
distinct impression that FCB was clutching at
some slender straws indeed to make the best
case possible for fried chicken's health benefits.

What do you think? I think this won't fly with
people, either. Everybody has been brought
up knowing that fried food is bad for you.
There have been many studies to prove it. Do
they actually think America is that stupid?
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