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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Updated photo page and a couple of links 

As promised, I have now uploaded the pictures of the last two puppies we have here to the photo page. I hope that we can find a loving home that will take them together. They are so sweet - and are great watchdogs.

We really do not have a proper place to keep them, as anyone can plainly see in the photo. We only have a couple of temporary pens that were put together in a hurry a few years ago to deal with the occasional dog that wanders up or the litters of puppies that used to be born here before all the females (finally!) got spayed. But, even they were only out there for a couple of weeks before finding homes, at least most of the time. While there are dog houses and bedding in each pen, the pens are small and only meant to temporarily shelter them and, mostly, to keep the rest of our dogs (especially their daddy, who attacks all male dogs that show up) from hurting them until we can find them a proper, loving home. These puppies have been in these pens for far too long. Although, they were in a larger one at first, it was built lower to hold little puppies, and they outgrew it and got out. Now, they are in what we think of as "the holding pen" for their own protection. They just need someone to take them home and love them as much as we do. The same goes for the poor little dog that someone dumped on the road here last week. He is still here and needing a home, too. Please consider it if you will.

While I am here, I wanted to post a link to an article I posted in the group. This is a bit of an roundabout method of doing this, but the site that the article is on requires a paid subscription.

Also, if you are interested in protecting our right to peacefully protest, then click here and take action.

I'll check in again tomorrow. I have been trying to catch up on my email, since I got stuck by the bad weather out of town last night. If anyone sent me an email that bounced today, just resend it. I had an overflow problem today that is now resolved. I am going to be taking some steps to try to ensure that this doesn't happen again, but I do get a lot of email every day. I apologize to anyone that may have not been able to get an email through. Like I said, just resend it and I will receive it now. It is working again.

Good night everyone.
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