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Thursday, January 22, 2004

We Have a Guest! 

I just wanted to take the time to leave a quick note here for all of you have generously donated to us. I wanted to show you just one good thing that has come from your donations. You see, we have another guest that arrived here last week. Yes, you guessed it - our guest is yet another dumped dog. Some people are just so callous and cold. It is cruel to dump them like that, and we can't imagine the fear, hurt, and confusion that these animals go through when their people abandon them in this way. We just can't understand the mentality of people like that.

Anyway, if you want to see him, we uploaded a couple of pics we took of him on the photo page. If you would like to give this little guy a forever home, please contact us and we will work out the arrangements. He is a very sweet little dog that will make someone a loyal, loving companion. He has displayed no sign of aggression, even after having been attacked by one of the other dogs here (who was also rescued after being dumped as a puppy on the same road!). He also seems to have learned some tricks at some point. When he is really happy, he wags his tail so hard that his whole butt wags, too. It's the cutest thing! :)

Thanks to every one of you that have been caring and generous enough to help us out. A few of you have expressed an interest in how much money we received through the donations. Well, it was a little over $1000. Thank you all for your generosity! Your contributions have kept us going for the last 2 months and made the care of this little guy possible, as well as the continued success of this blog. If we had not received anything from anyone, we might not have been able to take this sweet little guy in, as we probably would not have had the money to feed him (or the 5 others we currently care for).

And, we imagine he would also thank you profusely, complete with wagging butt, if he could. Now, let's see if we can find this sweet little guy a forever home. If you are from out of state, and want to adopt this dog, we might be able to arrange some kind of a network of people to get him there, as they do for other rescued animals being adopted or returned to their people. (Can't promise anything, but we will try.)

I have said before that Laura and I would like to be able to open a shelter in this county at some point, if we could ever get enough funding. It would be bad to take a bunch of animals in and be unable to care for them. (We struggle every week to be able to feed the ones we've got now.)

Like I said before, this country has no shelters at all. There is a network of caring people that try to help animals like this one, but there is only one "official" foster home, which is currently "full" with only 3 dogs. We have 10 here right now between the 3 households (only 6 of which are our current responsibility - and hopefully three less soon), with the addition of our latest guest. There are also male 2 puppies here, solid black and almost a year old (Feb. 3rd or 4th is their birthday), that are part German Shepherd and part Newfoundland. These are the last 2 of the 20 we had, for those that have been reading from the beginning. We will see about getting some pics of them up here in a day or so, if anyone is interested. We would like to keep them together, though, if at all possible. But, they need homes, too.

Thanks again everyone for your support and generosity, and especially for making this possible! We may not be able to save the world, but we can at least save this one dog from a slow, painful death! And, with any luck, a few others like him. Most of all, though, a big thanks goes out to every one of you for your caring and compassion.

You have done something to make this a better world. I thank you. And our little guest thanks you, too, I am sure (complete with wagging butt!). :)
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