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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Even More From Dave Louthan 

Well, it looks like they are really getting after Dave pretty bad. No surprise here. They did it to me, too. After all, we are talking about BILLION$ of dollar$ here. Unfortunately, those billions come at the cost of public safety. Don't you think that people like Dave and I know a little more about what happens in those plants than the officials you see on the news? Do you really expect an industry or USDA spokesperson to tell the truth about this?


Even though it would devastate our economy and scare the public into not eating meat??? Do you really think they wouldn't lie?????


If you still eat meat, you need to read this latest email from him to me. It could save your life. Or the lives of your children. Take it, Dave:

Dave Louthan here. A lot of people are asking me why I am on this crusade against the USDA.I've lost my job, my home,my peace, and my safety.There are many people out there that are not to happy with me right now. I'm doing this because nobody else is. The North American herd is just full of BSE and the people that buy and eat meat just don't seem to understand that it's going to kill them and they're kids. I've suspected there might be some BSE here and there but it didn't become real for me until I got that cow all over me. On Dec. 24 we got word that the test on that cow came back positive. I thought well alright the USDA will be all over this. The killing will stop until they can set up a nation wide testing program. On Dec. 26 they told us at Vern's they were going to ban down cow slaughter and that would take care of the problem. I was floored, shocked, stunned, scared, and mad all at the same time. That cow was not a downer.This screamed coverup. My face turned red, my ears burned, my heart was pounding. In that exact moment I knew what was happening, I knew who was doing it, I knew why they were doing it, and I knew how to stop them. I marched straight out to the KXLY news crew locked outside the gate and I asked them "What do you want to know". The rest is history. What I didn't count on was the American consumers would just keep munching away at this tainted beef and pretending that it was happening some where else. I've realized now I 'm not going to be able to save everybody but maybe I can save some lives. Remember the big Jack-in-the-box E-coli outbreak.I read a story in the paper when this was going on. A mother of one of the kids who died had said his last words to her before he went into a coma were " Mommy I love you". That tears my heart out every time I think about it. I MUST TRY TO STOP THAT FROM HAPPENNING AGAIN. So I have been on this 20 hours a day, everyday since Dec.26. As far as I can tell I have made little or no progress toward getting it fixed. People just don't want to listen. Ann Veneman keeps lying and lying. Her own committee told us we have alot of sick cows here so she fired them and put another committee together made up of Ranchers, Rendering company people, For God's sake she hired a Mcdonalds company man. Guess what this committee's recomendations are going to be. This is blackhearted, underhanded, and criminal. Would somebody please wake up the American people. The USDA is trying to kill you in the name of Profit. Thank you for your time. A special note to the USDA-Office of the Inspector General. I am not a terrorist. Leave me and my family alone please. I can deal with your numerous visits but my family is very afraid of you. All I want is for you to start testing the beef. ALLTHE BEEF. That's a simple slaughter procedure. When you give us that I'll stop. Until then I'll keep standing out here in the desert banging my trash can lids together trying to get some attention

You just keep on hollering, Dave.

And I will, too.

Oh, and btw - Dave has started himself up a blog to tell his story. Go check it out. Dave, I will keep on helping you to get the word out. You have my full support. Don't let them get you down, dude. You are doing the right thing.

And I am, too.

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