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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Happy MeatOut Day! 

Well, it's the 20th annual American MeatOut today! If you want to find out if there is such an event in your city, then here is the website to go to: http://www.meatout.org/mevents.htm and here is the official MeatOut website: http://www.meatout.org

Too bad there isn't such a thing happening here in Tyson country. Maybe one day there will be...

Hey, I can hope, can't I?

Anyway, this is just a quick post in celebration of the day. I have also noticed that some of the people holding such events are combining them with the anti-war protests, handing out leaflets to the people already fighting for peace. Perhaps this is a way to show them a new way to contribute to a much more peaceful, loving world. A much less violent world, where we all have respect for all life.

I had intended on posting a bunch of statistics here today, but I have had trouble with my computer today, and couldn't access some of my files. Also, since the weather has been a bit iffy, my connection to the Net has been disconnected repeatedly. (In fact, it happened as I was writing this post.) I decided to just do a quick post just in case I get cut off yet again. It's annoying to take the time to write a long post, only to have it disappear when the computer acts up, as I am sure most of you know from experience.

Anyway, I have been reading quite a bit today. I also have an interesting article to share with you tomorrow. I have been working on a few things lately that will be quite wonderful. I will tell you more as I bring them together and get all the details.

Speaking of which, you will be glad to know that I believe I have managed to be able to manage to scrounge enough work for the electric bill. Now, my next biggest concentration will be on the phone bill. I have to come up with $150 quickly, on top of everything else that I am working to catch up on. It's not that I don't work hard, because I do. And, Laura helps as much as she physically can. No, the problem is simply that the work I am doing doesn't pay much. We have actually been known to work for 6 hours for a measly return of about $20. But, we never make over $40 a day - that's all we make for the both of us. Yes, that is less than minimum wage - a lot less - but that's the way it is when you are just doing whatever you can find when there is no steady work to be had. And something is better than nothing. I can assure you that we are anything but lazy. In fact, I frequently get accused of working too hard! LOL!

There is hope on the horizon, if I can just hang on a little longer. I appreciate everyone that is helping or has helped in the past. It looks like I have found someone to translate the French article, too. I'll let you know more about that when I see it.

I also received an email from a reader that told me that he thought that I was not making it clear how much donations were needed before, and that I had only implied such, hoping that people would understand and help out of the goodness of their hearts. Those of you that have been reading this blog from the beginning remember how hard it was for me to bring this up for the first time. You may also remember that it was done under protest after another reader kept encouraging me to do so. Well, I guess it couldn't have gotten any more plain than my last post, huh? I guess I shouldn't have waited so long to bring the situation to light.

It's just hard for me. For one thing, at first, I did think of it as charity that I was asking for. And that hurt my pride. I had never asked for charity in my life, and I didn't want to start now. But, it has since been explained to me differently. By several different people, in fact. In the words of one reader, he looks at it as "reallocating resources to where they can do the most good for the continuing health and well being of our planet." I guess it's all in how you perceive things. My perception of the world wasn't so great before I started this, but through all of you and your support, I have been albe to change my view of the world. I thank you for that.

Also, I have been made to understand how useful the information I have posted here has been to so many people. And, I guess I just naively thought that they would want to help if they found it useful, even if I didn't ask for such help. I would love nothing more than to do this work full-time for free. But, unfortunately, I am just not able to do that as well as I could when I received a check every week.

But, I am not giving up hope, and you shouldn't either. "The Cyberactivist" doesn't intend to quit or give up - EVER!

I will keep right on talking and spreading the word - somehow. And, I do very much appreciate those that have supported me, whether financially or simply through their kind and thoughtful words in their emails. You readers are my biggest inspiration. You keep the hope alive that one day this nightmare will come to an end.

Until then, I will keep on fighting. I will continue to be one more voice for the "voiceless."

And I hope you will join me in this fight.

I need you - and the animals need you. Indeed, the world needs you.

The arrival of spring brings renewed hope. Let's spring into action to help the animals even more this season. (Yeah, I know - I couldn't resist the pun.)

Have a good cruelty-free, meatless day, everyone.
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