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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Wonderful News About the Scourge of Dog-fighting 

I was quite happy to read an article this morning telling of the arrest of James Fricchione for felony dog-fighting. While this was good news by itself, what makes this bust truly wonderful is the fact that this sadistic freak also published Sporting Dog Journal, a leading dogfighting magazine and that, among the other evidence the authorities seized, they also got his list of more than 5,000 Sporting Dog Journal subscribers. Woo hoo! Hopefully they will be able to use that to put more of these cruel-minded individuals out of the dog-fighting business.

Something else that this article mentions is the fact that anonymous postings on pit bull-related internet message boards warn dog-fighters that the Pittsburgh area should be considered off-limits because the risk of raids and arrests is too great, due to the vigilance of the D.A.'s office there that had its first-ever dogfighting case just five years ago, and the fact that they have prosecuted 24 people for dogfighting since then.

Why is this important? Well, a bill that is pending in Congress would make it a felony to transport fighting dogs across state lines. This is quite important in that it gives the authorities another way to stop this horrible blood-sport. I have written about this dog-fighting issue before here on this site and listed some of the other problems associated with it. Write to your representatives to support this bill. It's important.

Some of these events are quite organized, with large bets taking place, some of them running into tens of thousands of dollars. Some of the most vicious bloodlines bred by fighters produce dogs worth thousands of dollars each. This is big business for many of the people involved, as is the drug business. And this type of cruel activity tells a lot about the moral integrity of a person. If they see nothing wrong with subjecting an animal to abuse, torture, and a painfully horrific death, then they are a danger to society and willing to violate other laws, too. Their lack of respect for life presents a grave danger to us all.

This type of person has no conscience, and many times they pass this lifestyle and mindset on to the next generation of children that are brought up believing that there is nothing wrong with abusing animals in this cruel way. These people are sociopathic monsters that need to be stopped.

I'm sure glad they got this scum. Hopefully his list of other scum across the country will lead to more arrests for this low-down, offensive bloodsport.

Another little article that I enjoyed this morning can be found here. I'm glad to see that the authorities are starting to really crack down on animal abuse. People capable of that sort of uncaring and cruelly callous behavior tend to move on to humans if they are not stopped early enough.

Animal abuse is something that has the potential to affect each one of us. It should be eradicated wherever it rears its ugly head. There is no place for it in a decent and moral society. Decent, caring people do not treat animals this way for any reason. They treat them with love and compassion. They treat them with the respect they deserve. This, in turn, makes them more likely to treat their fellow humans the same way.

This world needs more love and compassion, and much less evil. The next time you see someone mistreat an animal, speak up. Get involved. You will be doing us all a favor. You will even be doing that person a favor by stopping them before the situation gets even worse. And you may prevent an even worse crime of cruelty - maybe next time to a child. Perhaps even to your own child.

Because this kind of thing tends to fester and grow in the dark. It cannot thrive when there is a light shining upon it, exposing it to the ever-watching eyes of society. And you may even prevent the next generation of people from growing up thinking that there is nothing wrong with thinking and acting in ways not favorable to sentient beings, whether these beings are human or not. It really doesn't matter which. We all feel pain - just as we all feel joy and love. That goes for animals just as much as it does for humans.

But then, most of us already know that. Most of us could not even conceive of doing the kinds of things talked about in those articles to our own companion animals any more than we can imagine treating our kids that way. Now, we just need to get that across to that segment of society that doesn't think or act that way. Decent people don't. Moral people don't.

Only sleazy scum does.

And no one wants someone like that living next door to them and their kids. No one wants that in their community.

It's up to all of us to do our part to make sure that doesn't happen. Speak up and get involved, even if only anonymously. Because it is your business.

It is all of our business because this scourge affects us all.

Let's all pledge to take an extra moment today to spend a little time with our companion animals. Give them that extra hug. It only takes a second, but it means the world to them. Let's do it in the name of all of the dogs that are abused every year. Do it for the poor dogs that had to be euthanized because this guy made them so vicous as for them to not be able to be rehabilitated and given a chance to learn love in a proper home.

Above all, do it just because it is the right thing to do. Spread love and compassion. Let is start at home with the animals you love the most.

Then let it spread to the rest. They are waiting patiently.

Go ahead. Do it now. Turn away from your computer for just a minute to show your loyal friend(s) how much you love them. A pat on the head, a hug, even a kiss on the nose. Come on. It only takes a second.

Now, doesn't that feel good? You can't help but smile, can you? :)

Now, just imagine if you expressed that love every day.

To all animals - human and non-human.

What a happier, more compassionate and loving world this would be...
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