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Friday, April 30, 2004

Horrified and Mad! 

Well, I was sitting here this morning, reading my emails and wondering what to post about today. Then I came across an email that just got my blood to boiling.

An editor of of one of the media outlets wrote me to tell me of a horrifying story they had reported on. (Thanks for alerting me to this, Ron.) The title of it speaks for itself: "Mobile County family horrified to find their poodle skinned alive." There is a picture of the dog on the site, and even a video, if you can stomach it.

What the hell is this world coming to, I want to know! What kind of a miserable, sick, and twisted individual would do this heinous thing to a helpless little animal like that? What sort of lowlife gets his kicks from torturing poodles? What sort of a cowardly gutless wonder does this?

According to this disturbing story, the kids of the family are the ones that found this poor dog and pulled him out from underneath their house, screaming to their mother that, "his hair is falling off!" Needless to say, they were scared to death and now one of them, an 8-year-old, is afraid to leave his home even to go to school - that the guy that did this will get him, too. Can you blame him?

And, you know, that isn't too much of a stretch of the imagination, either. Most serial killers, and many murderers, first started with torturing and killing animals before they moved on to human victims. It's really not that uncommon at all. Some of the most famous killers we have had did this. Guess it quit giving them the thrill it did when they started, so they had to move up to something a little more challenging to get the same feeling of "power" and "ultimate control" that seems to excite them so much and get their rocks off. Similar to what motivates child molesters and rapists. Sick!

This poor little dog, Skipper, was still alive when the family found him - probably suffered for at least 4 hours or so that way before he finally died in agony. The poor woman had this to say:

"I could lift his skin up, and everything else and he was still alive. He would look at me helpless, absolutely helpless."

Can you imagine how you would feel if this had been your dog - or perhaps even worse, your child?

The article also gives the following information for anyone that may have any kind of information to report on this, which I will also share. If you happen to know anything, please contact them. This isn't one of those things that you can just brush aside, saying that it is none of your business. When there is such a sicko walking free in your area, it most definitely is your business. Next time he could visit you.

If you have any information about this crime, call the Mobile County Sheriff's Office at (251) 574-8633. You can contact the Mobile SPCA office at spca@mobilespca.org.

We need to take cruelty to animals a little more seriously in this country. I hope this guy doesn't get away with this. I hope that the prosecutors and law enforcement officers also take this seriously and throw the book at him if he is caught. And I hope he goes to jail for awhile and that his cellmate is a big ol' lifer named "Bubba" that loves animals and hates little cowards that abuse them. That would give him a taste of what he put that poor little dog through. What a scum!

If that jerk is reading this (which I highly doubt, but stranger things have happened), why don't you come on over here to Arkansas. We'll show you what we do with sickos like you. You make me sick! Turn yourself in and beg on your knees for forgiveness before it's too late.

To Skipper's family:

You have my condolences. I am sorry for the hurt and fright you have endured. I feel for you. And, Skipper, rest in peace little guy. No one will ever hurt you again. You were loved and didn't deserve this.
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