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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

New Expose on Suffering of "Broiler" Chickens 

I just received a packet yesterday from my friends at Compassion Over Killing. Paul had told me that they had been doing this investigation and putting this together, so I had been anxiously waiting to see the results of this hard work.

Well, I wasn't disappointed. They did an excellent job of detailing the suffering of these poor "meat" chickens. They painstakingly gathered video and photo evidence each week of the suffering these unfortunate baby chicks endure, from hatching to slaughter, with a focus on the leading producers, Tyson and Perdue, and visited facilities in three major chicken-industry states.

You may have already seen the video that Paul put together after he came and visited me here and infiltrated the plant in Grannis that I used to work for, successfully filming the kill floor. Well, this one is even better than that if you want to see the whole story.

In addition to the video and photo evidence, they also extensively reviewed dozens of industry research articles on the welfare of these birds. They wrote up a report and put together a documentary film based on the countless hours of footage they took inside the factory farms and slaughterhouses. Their new documentary is entitled, "45 Days: The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken." You can order your own copy on DVD or VHS from the site.

I hope that you will find their new site, ChickenIndustry.com, as interesting, informative, and well-done as I did. I also hope that you share it with others so that they can see for themselves what the truth is regarding these hellholes they raise and kill these birds in. There is no doubt that the conditions these birds live and die in are horrific and indefensibly cruel.

There is absolutely no excuse to inflict this kind of suffering on innocent babies.

None whatsoever.

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