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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Will Colorado choose wind and solar over gas and coal? 

As most of you are probably already aware, I have encouraged readers to write in if they have a worthwhile issue they need help getting publicity for. I have heard from several of you (a couple of you I am still working with and hope to tell your stories soon) with interesting situations that I do believe need more attention than they are currently getting.

The following is just such a personal appeal:

I thought you might be interested in a groundbreaking renewable energy initiative campaign I'm working on in Colorado (www.RenewableEnergyYES.com).

This ballot initiative will be the first time Americans will have the chance to vote on renewable energy and the outcome of the vote will set an important precedent for other states.

Unfortunately, this excellent initiative is facing powerful opposition from one of America's largest power companies, Xcel Energy (Xcel provides 75% of Colorado's power). But rather than embracing this renewable energy initiative as a solution to rising fuel prices and growing energy demands, Xcel's plan is to spend over $1 billion building a huge coal plant near Pueblo, CO.

We'd love to have your help spreading the word about the campaign to your readers. In particular, would you be willing to post something about the campaign and encourage your readers to sign our online petition asking Xcel's CEO to withdraw the company's opposition to the initiative? (You can view the petition here).

Thanks so much for your help,

Lisa Davis

Well, there you go, Lisa. I hope this helps. To me, at least, the idea of using more renewables like this just makes so much more sense than continuing to use the rapidly depleting oil we are currently so dependent on. Instead of opening up pristine wilderness areas, it seems to me (quite obviously) that investing in solar and wind power is the way to go.

It would not only make economic sense, but would also help this country be more self-sufficient and not have to rely on nations that are not so friendly toward us for natural resources. These technologies would be more environmentally-friendly as well.

That leaves me to conclude that the only reason that we have not embraced this technology is because of Big Oil. Why we are staying beholden to these thugs is beyond me. Why we continually overlook their humanitarian problems, their dragging us into violent conflicts, etc. is all because of money and greed.

This is yet another way that we need to take back our country from those that have only their own interests at heart.

I'll bring y'all up to date in my next post about what has been going on around here lately (hopefully). I have been really busy lately, but things are looking up!

Have a good day, everybody. My thoughts go out to those in Florida who have been so devastated by Charlie.
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