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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Walking the Walk 

Well, I will be leaving out of here in just a couple of hours, heading for Nashville, TN for the Walk for Farm Animals. On October 2nd, World Farmed Animals Day, I will be participating and speaking at this event, as I have mentioned before. It's still not too late to join us. You can join up as late as when we begin. We will be starting at the intersection of 25th Avenue and Church Street in downtown Nashville - right beside Centennial Park at 10:00 a.m. I and the other speaker, Keaven Van Lom of S.O.F.A - Speak Out For Animals, who is also a member of my Activists Against Factory Farming group. We would love to see you there.

The last I heard, there were about 50 people participating, with some of them coming from eastern Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Chicago, and Georgia, as well as Laura, her mother, and I from Arkansas. We will be walking rain or shine. You are welcome to bring your dog (just bring cleanup materials!), and there will be bottled water at the halfway point. We will walk about 5K (3 miles). I am certainly looking forward to this.

I don't know how much I will be able to check in until I get back, so if I don't get right back to you if you email me, that's why.

I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you a bit of good news. Well, I guess two bits. Well, okay, three.

First off, the day before yesterday in the evening, Laura and I were sitting outside, letting the boys run, waiting on supper time. Then we heard a noise. A familiar noise. One we have heard far too often. We turned and looked at each other and said, "Cat!" As I hurried to put the boys back in their pen, Laura went looking to track down the origin of the little kitty voice. Meow!

Up on the opposite side of the road, hiding in the tall grass of the ditch, was a little orange and white striped kitten, peeking out. Laura approached her, talking softly and holding out her hand. The poor thing just walked right up to her, purring and rubbing on her, so glad to see someone! Well, Laura scooped up the poor thing and brought her in and fed her. She was starving! Nothing but skin and bones. People that dump little baby animals like that ought to be dumped way off in the wilderness themselves, naked. Maybe they would learn something. They make me mad enough to want to... Well enough of that. Moving right along now...

Okay, second bit of good news. Earlier this week we had an injured little bird. After looking in our bird books, the consensus between everyone here was that it was a nuthatch. Anyway, Laura got the little guy (or girl??) on her finger and carried him/her to safety. We watched over that little bird all day. When we went in for supper we decided to put him/her in the "infirmary cage" until we got through. When we got through and came back, the little bird was recovered and ready to leave. Laura once again got the little bird on her finger. (We were amazed that there was no sign of fear!) She brought it back out of the cage and held it up, and we watched him/her fly away. It was a wonderful feeling. Usually injured little birds don't do so well.

And third, the kitten that we rescued doesn't have to be alone. She has a friend just her size. See, Laura's mother rescued a little calico kitty from the streets in town a couple of weeks ago. We are sure they will become great friends. They are both very sweet and cuddly. They certainly love to be loved!

I just can't imagine the kind of person who would dump a baby kitten in the woods to fend for herself. I just can't understand that mentality at all. Well, at least she knew where to come. She couldn't have found a better home. Man, we need a shelter in this county. Maybe one day...

Well, I am going to sign off now and finish getting my stuff together. I hope that many of you are participating in an event somewhere Oct. 2. If not, and you do still eat meat, would you consider laying off of it for that one day? Will you spend at least a moment or two contemplating the sheer amount of suffering that the animals endure so that people can please their palate? Just for that day? Can you do that?

I hope to see several of you in Nashville! I'll check back in when I get back for sure. I should have some pictures, too. (Man, I wish I had my own camera. One of these days.)

Have a good day, everyone.
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