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Sunday, July 17, 2005

AR2005 Commentary and Carching Up 

A very special thanks to all of you who contributed to help make that trip a reality. I made it there, gave my talks, learned a whole lot (and will, therefore become an even more effective activist than I have been thus far), saw friends I knew, met others face to face who I had only had an email relationship before (people never look like you expect them to, do they?), and just generally had a great networking experience that is invaluable in the efforts I strive to achieve.

Sorry I am just now getting around to writing this, but I have just been so busy. And, hey, after all, we did get the pictures up on the photo page the other day.

We have family in again this weekend - lots of them! Moving up here! The family commune that we have always expected would happen is again and gaining ground. The self-named "River Rats" are back together again (minus one who just couldn't cut it - hey, it takes toughness to survive in this area. Don't believe me? Just ask some of the people here, especially the old ones. Hey! That's a good deed too if you do it by going to visit people in nursing homes who rarely get the attention of very many people, especially young ones. Of course, I defy you to find one place in this country that some segment of the population has it bad - REALLY bad. Why do we as a society allow that to be? Kids on the streets? Homeless veterans?! Come on. We can do better than that. But I stray...

There is so much I could say about this conference. But, really the best way to grasp the whole thing is to actually go to their website and see what all was offered. Then you won't even have to ask me how busy we were. Some of the more astute of you who know me well might erven be able to pick out which of the competing workshops I attended. A couple of you might pick out the time I carved for myself to do my last-minute going over my plenary talk and missing workshops completely - I'll send you a copy of the tape if you guess all of it right(which got standing ovations - thank you very much!) And then gave one to Laura for her role in all of this. Thank you doubly! Most people don't realize the extent of a role she plays in typing everything up for me since I can't really type. Going through the many links of new reports to decide what is newsworty and needing posting in the Activists Against Factory Farming groups. (Thank you, Billye and others, for helping take on a share of that load. Really. I couldn't do it without you. And it seems that I get busier all the time.)

I will, however, say one thing that must be emphasized at that conference.

THE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, does that chef know how to make some GREAT vegan food! Laura and I thanked him personally and told him that when we happened to see him in the restaurant, but then he was also honored and thanked formally by the entire group of gathered at the talks the night of the banquet (the night I gave my plenary and the awards were also handed out). I just cannot rave loud and long enough about how great that food was. I mean, really. It was so good that even Laura, who normally doesn't eat a wide range of veggies, ate some of everything served and loved it! Yep, even picky eaters will love what this guy does to food. And all vegan! None of those awkward questions or anything, If it was on our vegan buffet bar it was vegan. If only we had places like that in Arkansas, and better yet allow me to live that long to see it! We got a long way to go folks. A long way...

There were other people that I talked to that I never got a picture with. Shame, but we were all of us busy and running here to there. Controlled, highly focused energy channeled into what would have been chaos had everyone else not been in the same situation. Intense, fun, mind-ehancing and opening, bonding, etc. But also draining. You get very tired from stayeing so pumped all the time.

Anyway, once we got back, then we found out about even more things requiring our attention here and someone else wanting consultation here and yet someone else wanting my help with a few other projects. Sorry folks. Just gonna have to wait a bit longer, most of you. And right now I am too busy to go into a long explanation of why. Just take it from me that it's important.

I will probably be out of touch for another few days at least. Lots going on.

Tell ya more later. Until then. Keep on fighting! It really doesn't take much to do something nice every day, even if it is is just one thing. Keep up the good deeds. Hey, I even gave you a freebie idea that could be debated was two.

Have a good day, everyone. And thank you again.
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