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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Alternative and more Humane Farming 

Just this morning, I posted this article in my groups. This is what I mean by checking out exactly where your eggs come from. It really doesn't take that much effort, especially when you consider how badly egg-laying hens suffer in the vast majority of cases. This guy, Joel Salatin, like the typical farmer who raises livestock in a way that he feels proud of, welcomes the attention and doesn't hide the way he does business like the big agribusiness corporations now do.

In fact, according to the article, people from all over the country from 40 states came to see his operation. Doesn't sound like he was worried much about bio-security or agri-terrorism, does it? That's because he doesn't feel the need to hide what he does. And he isn't worried about his chickens getting sick, either because he says that "they have immune systems."

He uses an eggmobile that follow around the cattle and eat the larvae out of them, thus feeding the birds and protecting the cows from flies at the same time. He even erected "shademobiles" to give the cows a bit of comfort in the blazing hot sun.

Also, like he says, "Instead of using $2,000 worth of grubicides, we collect $1,500 worth of eggs."

This is what I mean about checking out where your eggs come from. A good rule of thumb is that if they will not let you inspect their property and the way they do things, don't do business with them because they have something to hide.

Besides, the small farmers who do it more humanely and without chemicals ought to be supported by those who are not going to give up the use of animal products.

I never recommend eating animals or using animal products, but if you are insistent on doing it anyway, at least support people like this man over the likes of Tyson. chances are, you won't even pay more if you buy them at the farm gate. A neighbor of ours down the road sells his eggs for only a dollar a dozen. Like I said, these chickens will still meet an untimely death, but their lives are so very much better until then. That's a good first step toward making a difference. And supporting small family farmers keeps agribusiness from spreading.

Myself, I go to farmers' markets to buy produce as often as possible. Support your local farmers. Keep them on the land. Their products are better and more nutritious for you, anyway. And you are definitely not helping some rich fat cat buy another yacht or build another house or golf course.
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