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Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Blogathon Has Begun! 

And here is my first post. I'm up and drinking my coffee, getting ready for a long 24 hours of constant posting. I am at somewhat a disadvantage that most bloggers don't have to deal with - a s-l-o-w dial-up service (one dial-up number for our entire area!), as opposed to a DSL or other fast connection speed, so I figure that instead of 30 minutes, we probably have closer to 20 to write ours and get them posted. Ah! But that just makes it more of an interesting challenge. And I am certainly no stranger to challenges and working against the odds any more than Laura is! Just makes it more interesting. Ha ha!

Anyway, I am set on coffee - thanks pattrice and Miriam for sending more because we were getting low, as no one has been out of town to get any lately. I made some of it to try, and I really like that strong Louisiana chicory coffee (they sent Luzianne, if you are curious). Laura and her mother introduced me to LA coffee (they usually drink Community, which we can't get around here), and I can tell you, I love it and will never go back. Louisiana does know how to make coffee! Gotta go and bum some sugar from Laura's Mom at some point soon, though. We certainly don't have enough to last through this whole thing. *sigh* Damn, but I hate bumming anything from anyone. But we must keep sufficient caffeine in ourselves through the hard parts, so whatever I have to do to make it through this will be worth it. We will just buy some and replace what we borrowed when this is over. Once we get some money, anyway. We are totally and completely broke right now. Hopefully that will change soon, though.

Anyway, welcome to the Blogathon! I hope that you enjoy it and pledge at least a little something to my charity. The minimum is only a dollar, and even that much can make a difference, believe it or not, especially at a small sanctuary like theirs. I have received information that some people are having trouble with the pledge page. If you are unable to do a pledge that way, you can go straight to the donation page listed on either the Blogathon site or on their site, shoot me off an email to tell me about it (I never did get those comments working, though we tried - don't know what's wrong, but I don't have time to work on it now), and we will keep track of what was actually given. I will also report it to the Blogathon people so that maybe they an find a way to adjust the figures properly. If not, then at least you will be counted in the final tally. How's that?

Anyway, by my clock I now have about 3 minutes to get this posted, so I better do so.
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