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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Factory Farm Pollution Finally Getting More Attention 

This post will be first in a series of articles showing how widespread this problem is. For those of you living in cities, you may not realize how bad it is, but for those of us living in these rural areas, it's pretty bad. We are the ones who must endure these problems because of the taste for animal flesh that so many people have.

This first article I intend to highlight involves Ohio Fresh Eggs, formerly known as Buckeye Farms before they were finally closed down for gross repeated pollution problems. I have followed this particular problem in this area with these farms for a while now, feeling sorry for the people stuck living there, repeatedly trying to get someone to listen and do something about it.

See, until you smell the awful stench, endure the flies, etc., you don't really understand how bad it can really get. People have moved, selling their homes for a fraction of the value to escape. Others have stayed on to fight.

Well, now, even after the handover to another company, people in the area are still suffering. And all the company can do is make lame excuses. The state is fed up and wants to levy a $212,000 fine against them for bad waste management practices that violate state laws. Specifically, according to the article,
The department accuses Ohio Fresh Eggs of violating its waste management plan by allowing flies and rodents to get out of control. The department said Ohio Fresh Eggs allowed its manure piles to get too moist, creating a breeding ground for vermin. It has received numerous complaints from neighbors.

It goes on to explain that they have not been fined before, but that they have been issued 11 warnings and citations just since late 2003!

The sad thing is that this situation is anything but uncommon either. In fact, most of these companies view these fines as just a part of doing business.

Meanwhile, the poor unfortunate neighbors who once valued the clean, fresh air of the countryside suffer and stay locked in their homes, their children not even wanting to go out and play.

Tune in for more....
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