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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Fish can learn quicker than dogs 

The last post reminded me of an article I read back in October of '04. Unfortunately, it is not still online at their site, but I have the link and probably posted it in the group.

Since it is short and not available, I will simply repost it here in its entirety as an educational piece. I found it extremely interesting. Think of this when people make fun of PETA's Fish Empathy Project. There is a very good reason that they are truying to get people to quit fishing. Not only do fish feel pain, but they are much smarter than we ever thought they were. Check this out:

Fish are much brainier than previously thought - and can learn quicker than dogs.

Oxford scientists have dubbed them "very capable" after building an aquatic obstacle course.

The blind Mexican cave fish tested memorised the challenged in just a few hours reports The Sun.

They spotted changes when the university researchers tried to fool them. And the fish still remembered what they had learned several months later.

Scientists also revealed their subjects completed complex mental tasks which would baffle pets like hamsters and dogs.

Dr Theresa Burt de Perera said: "The public perception of fish is that they are pea-brained numbskulls who can't remember things for more than a few seconds.

"We're now finding that they are very capable of learning and remembering, and possess arange of mental skills that would surprise many people."

She added: "We know that fish can recognise their owners - some will even go into a sulk if somebody else tries to feed them."
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