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Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Killing Question 

I have been asked by more than one person how I an justify killing men in combat yet have a problem with killing chickens. Again, there is not a simple answer to that, but I will try to answer it.

The first man whose life I took in combat affected me in ways no words can possibly describe. It was really quick, though, and happened wihtot reallt thiking on my part. It was really more of a reflex action based on training I received.

The simple version, though, is that he was trying to kill me. He was armed and willing to use his weapon to take my life if I didn't take his first. In the end, I knew that it was either him or me. No real choice there.

Not so with the chickens. These poor chickens are held in metal shackles upside down. All they can do is wait for the inevitable, which if they are lucky, is a killing blade. The less fortunate ones are scalded alive. Now, you tell me who had the better chance.

Who was more innocent and helpless?

The guilt and shame I feel today is not for the men I met on the battlefield. They made the choice that put them there, right or wrong. No, the shame I feel is for the millions of lives I took from helpless individuals who couldn't even get away, much less pose any sort of threat to me.

Answer your question? I hope so.
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