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Behind the scenes of the fight for the protection of animals and workers and the preservation of the environment - my experiences as a Tyson slaughterhouse hanger/killer turned activist. Exposing the evils of factory farming, by Virgil Butler. If you have arrived here looking for the Tyson stories, view the early archives. Some of them are now featured on the sidebar for easy searching.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Morning at Our Sanctuary in the Woods 

Although our morning is busy, just as pattrice's is, things are a bit different here than they are there. We still have this post to get out and one more, and we will have accomplished our mission! We will have successfully completed the Blogathon!

But, as with hers, we have the roosters crowing in the background, as they have been for a little while. We get daylight a little later than she does, so ours weren't awake quite as early as hers were. But you can hear them out there now, crowing proudly and doing great!

We just wish that we could let them out of their houses and yards to roam freely the way that she does, but that just can't happen until we get the expansion area built that will keep the dogs and other possible predators out. Unlike the facilities we have built so far with scrap lumber and only having to pay for the wire and nails, we will have to buy a lot of high fencing for this project to give them the room we will need for expansion, so this next project will cost quite a bit more and be much more of a task to complete. But, we will do it, one way or the other. I mean, the chickens rent exactly going to quit showing up, and they can live for at least a decade, so we will definitely need more room than we do now. Besides we really want them to have the opportunity to roam freely, which they have not been able to do.

Little by little we make progress here. We take in whoever shows up needing us and then do the best we can with what little we have got. Pretty much the same way pattrice and Miriam started out.

Meanwhile, we will keep plugging along, doing the best that we can to educate people abut the subject of factory farming. Oh, but you ought to see some of the shocked faces around here when we inform them that we don't eat meat! Hilarious! But, we also hope that we plant a little seed to give them something to think about. Because around here, unless you are one of the community of Seventh Day Adventists, then people just don't understand at all. It gets even worse when they find out that we don't buy dairy products or eggs. You ought to see some of the faces we see out of the corners of our eyes as we carefully read labels in the store and discuss whether or not to buy the based on what is in them. We often wonder what they think. It's just such an alien concept around here.

Now, we can hear the dogs barking in the background, defending us against who knows what. They take their job very seriously. There are now 10 of them on this place, though only four of them are "ours."

Out here in the woods it is so peaceful. We can't imagine anywhere else we would rather live, despite the harassment we get from some of the local law enforcement and Tyson. Listening to the breeze gently blow through the big pines and always hearing the soft, subtle sound of the river flowing, it is a peaceful place. It is a place of healing and sanctuary for all who come here.

One day perhaps the cops will leave us alone to go about our business. After all, we are hardly hurting a soul. if not, well then, that's jut part of the sacrifice we must pay to live here and do the work we do.

We still don't suffer anywhere near as much as the various farmed animals across this country, so it's not so bad.

Well, just about time to post this and wrap things up.
Good morning from Virginia. The cat and rabbit are still sleepy; they're both flopped out sleeping that peaceful sleep that only animals and babies - and, I imagine, people who just finished a blogathon - know how to do. Kitty's snoring, in fact!

I just visited Heather's blog. Different style, same heart. I already used up "awesome" in my comment to her...what's left to describe your guys' efforts...incredible. Inspiring - that's about right.

Some of your and Pattrice's posts are so powerful I needed 30 minutes just to digest and ponder them. I have comments in my head for many of them; this sounds funny, but I want to hold off for right now, and leave those posts in their pristine state for a while. (But if you want to comment, click on the pound sign at the bottom of the post.)

You guys must be exhausted. Hope the coffee wears off. I have a feeling it will as soon as you lie down :) Take the phone off the hook.

While you're sleeping, perhaps in a dream you'll see the birds from Pattrice's and Miriam's sanctuary. Alighting from a high branch, exploring the ground, spreading her wings, being free.

BTW, it was my honor and privilege to help out in a tiny way with the effort. One day, I'll have to come out to Arkansas and see the newest sanctuary on the block.
Guys - remember, to qualify you have to make one last post on the hour! Hang in there!

-Your site monitor, in case you forgot. ;)
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