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Saturday, August 06, 2005

What About Free-Range Eggs? 

Well, the sad thing is that you probably are not paying double the price and getting a humanely-produced egg. Lots of people don't know this. There was a post I wrote to bring this to everyone's attention to this back in May that mentioned this article.

In most cases, these poor hens aren't cared for any better than those labeled as "Animal Care Certified." Compassion Over Killing did a great expose of this a while back that warrants mentioning again for those that haven't heard this information yet. Even the Better Business Bureau had to agree that the label was misleading.

The factory farming industry will do just about anything to hide the cruelty that happens inside those warehouses of animals so that the general public doesn't know about it and keeps on buying their products. They won't let reporters on site anymore because of "bio-security" reasons. Ha! Liars! they don't want to public to see it. That's the truth, folks. Check it out for yourself.

See just how much you have been lied to.

I guarantee you that it has been a LOT!
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