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Monday, September 12, 2005

We have new foster dogs! 

Well, it now looks like we have become fosters for those animals who would otherwise be killed. For the Sake of Animals called us Saturday night, in desperation to save these dogs, and brought them here yesterday. We spent all day Saturday getting ready, raking the yards and dusting them for fleas and ticks. We ended up deciding to keep them two and two in the bigger yards so that they could have someone to be with. This also has the obvious benefit of leaving us with one dog yard for emergencies, though we still have to build a new doghouse for it, since the last dogs in there ate it. Anyway, here is the first one we put on Junior's old yard - she is the only girl and is spayed, and she was the most terrified of them all:

And we put this little guy with her so that she would not be lonely. He is a bit more friendly. We are looking forward to spending some time with them today to let them get to know us, trust us, and get some much-needed love and comfort before we try something as upsetting as bathing them. We also have to worm them all today:

The two of them together:

Then, the other two we put in Beavis and Taffy's old yard down at Laura's mother's. One of these poor dogs has demodectic mange, which is not contagious, but needs aggressive treatment. One more reason to have him neutered, too, from what we have read on the subject. Laura's mother came up with names for her two, though ours haven't revealed what their names are to us yet. Perhaps later today they will.

Meet Dusty:

And Sugar Boy:

Here they are together:

The nice folks at For Sake of Animals will probably be back soon bringing cats. And when they saw how much room we had here, they also offered to donate some fencing and volunteers to help put it up so that we can take in even more animals. They even think that they an get us some help finishing the house so that we can take in more cats.

Starting to look like we will be Montgomery County's shelter more and more, doesn't it? Oh well, that's what Laura had already wanted to do. She just never had the funding to do it before. She loves animals so much. She will have them coming around in no time. Animals just seem to trust her. It must be something in the energy that she emanates that they pick up on that tells them that she means them no harm and loves them just as they are. They won't look the same by the time she is finished with them. They will be all better and ready for forever homes under her loving care.

They couldn't have found a better place to rehabilitate, now could they?
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