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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Taking Some Time Off 

Laura and I have talked about this for some time now. We intend to take some much-needed time off from online work until after the New Year. Call it a kind of vacation if you want. Oh, we will still be working with organizations who have our personal email and all of that, but we just will be taking some time off from the groups and other online activities for a bit.

We have a lot of work piled up here around the house to do. I still have to keep getting in firewood, we are still making improvements for the living conditions of the growing number of animals in our care, we have a job coming up, and then of course, there are the holidays when family comes in.

Last year, we worked hard, even on the holidays, and missed out on a lot of the family stuff. We were quite busy at the time, but it left everyone feeling a bit neglected, as most of them really don't understand the depth of the work we actually accomplish in a given day.

Anyway, as we have all of this going on and are already finding it hard to keep up with everything, we made the decision today to go ahead and take some time off. We haven't really done that for almost 3 years now since all of this began. We won't be completely idle on our work, but we will be lowering the level of it for a bit anyway. It's just been really hectic lately, and everything is suffering because of it. It doesn't feel like we are getting anything done because we are spread so thin right now.

Anyway, I thought I would write this up so that my absence doesn't cause concern (I get worried emails from those watching over me when I don't post for a couple of days), so those of you who do that will know that we are fine and are just taking care of things that have built up in regular life (as well as finishing a couple of projects we are working on with a few people).

I hope each and every one of you finds a reason to smile and enjoy the holidays, however you choose to celebrate them (or not).

This message does not mean that if there is an urgent situation that I will be out of touch, though. If you are one of the people who has my private email, use it to contact me about anything earth-shattering or very important, and I will be right on it. Those of you who don't, well, I will still be checking online emails for such things, but it might take me a day or two to get back with you. You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff we have going on right now!

I do want to also take this opportunity to thank everyone yet again for sending your supportive emails, your generous financial contributions to help the animals here at our little sanctuary, and especially those who have been there when I really needed a friend and some serious help. You know who you are, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May I always be worthy of such wonderful friends.

Happy Holidays, everyone!
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