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Behind the scenes of the fight for the protection of animals and workers and the preservation of the environment - my experiences as a Tyson slaughterhouse hanger/killer turned activist. Exposing the evils of factory farming, by Virgil Butler. If you have arrived here looking for the Tyson stories, view the early archives. Some of them are now featured on the sidebar for easy searching.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another radio interview today! - updated (interview is tomorrow) 

UPDATE: This interview will be tomorrow. Reading the post below, you can see why we have been a bit rattled and got a bit mixed up. But this may actually work out better in that it gives you more notice. Hope you tune in or at least listen to it once it is archived on the site. We have been enjoying the last show Bob did for the past hour. Cool show! Ought to be fun! :)
Sorry I haven't posted in so long - I will explain it all in another post, but Laura and I will both be interviewed today for another radio show. Here are the details:


- a project of 501©(3) International Humanities Center"

>>>on the radio Sundays>>>

1pm - 2pm KCEO-M-000 San Diego

1:30pm - 2:30pm KTYM-AM-1460 Los Angeles

6pm-7pm KQKE-AM-960 San Francisco Bay Area

>>>On-line ANYTIME at


Now PODcasting

PO Box 40246
San Diego, CA 92164

While we were "on vacation" we also finished up an interview with Satya magazine that will appear in their February edition, so don't miss that one, either! See, we were not just being lazy while we were "on vacation" - we were actually quite busy. And we did enjoy spending time with family and friends. :)

To make up just a little bit for not posting lately, I will give you a bit more news really quickly before I get ready for this. Feisty, the kitten, died yesterday. We took him to the vet, got the tests done, got him his medicine, and did everything in our power, but he just didn't seem to have the will to live. He was found by Laura's sister about 2:30 a.m yesterday morning. We believe that Princess was there to meet him with his siblings that died of that tick-borne disease I wrote about on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace, Feisty. You were loved.

Also, I thought you would all enjoy seeing what our fireplace mantel looked like this holiday season:

There was, as you can all see, a stocking for every animal on the place, even the fosters and poor little Feisty (bless his little soul), though, of course, we did not have any for the chickens for obvious reasons. Veggies would make a nasty mess in a stocking, but they feasted on all of the cut-off produce and such for three days in a row! They were very happy chickens! :)

Again, I am sorry for not writing on here lately. I will give a full explanation as soon as I can. I will say this much quickly - I have had a terrible life-threatening accident and am still not out of the woods yet. A tree fell on my head when I was cutting firewood - thank goodness Laura's mother bought me a special hardhat made for that for Christmas - it literally saved my life. Literally. It was a very, very close call. I may still require brain surgery before it is all said and done, as I have a blood clot trying to form in my brain right above my right ear in the region that controls my autonomic nervous system. I am having seizures, some life-threatening in themselves, as they could cause a massive heart attack. Needless to say, it has been a very scary time for us all, but I am one hard-to-kill person, and if you have been reading this blog for long now or know me very well, you know how hard-headed I am! Ha ha! Nothing will stop me! Not even a big old oak tree about 2 feet across landing on my head, knocking my hardhat off, throwing me about six feet through the air, knocking out some teeth, and finally coming to rest on top of my leg (though I pushed myself out from underneath it just before it rolled over and would have crushed me totally in the chest - my leg was luckily in a small depression that allowed me to free myself just in time, and I do mean JUST in time!) Anyway, more on that later. I am alive, and that is enough for now, though a few positive feelings sent my way, prayers, or whatever it is you are comfortable with I certainly will appreciate. If I am not very, very careful, I could still die, especially in the next week or so. If anything else happens, Laura will let you all know, as I will be in ICU, in a coma, or dead.

Yes, really. It is that serious. And I will admit that although I am quite scared, I do not intend to just give up, and neither does Laura. She is watching over me 24/7 and has already saved my life once since this started. Luckily I also have an excellent doctor who is doing all he possibly can to help me, especially since some very expensive tests need to be run that I can't pay for, having no health coverage or money or anything.

I would like to say one more thing before I close this out. Don't take any time you have or anyone you love for granted. In fact, make sure you tell people often how much you care. You never know when it may be your last second on this plane of existence. That particular thought has really and truly been driven into me throughout this terrifying ordeal. Don't leave the house mad at someone you love or take the chance that the last thing you say may not be nice. Hug them tight and let you know how special they are to you. It may be the last thing you ever do. Cherish every moment of your life, and try to be the very best person you can be. Don't put off important things until later. There might not be a later.

I would also like to once again thank everyone who has ever written me to say a kind word, donate financially to help us save animals and care for them (even when they don't make it, at least their last moments are spent being loved!), and especially thank you to every single one of who has been such a big part of my transition from a killer to a rescuer. You know who you are. If I don't pull through, at least I will go out knowing that I was cared about and that I was doing my best to make the world a better place in my last days.

"...when we finally know we are dying, and all other sentient beings are dying with us, we start to have a burning, almost heartbreaking sense of the fragility and preciousness of each moment and each being, and from this can grow a deep, clear, limitless compassion for all being."
--Sogyal Rinpoche

"A human being is part of the whole... a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts, and feelings as something separate from the rest–a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty..."


"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."
--Albert Einstein

I am only one,
But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.
~Edward Everett Hale

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single minute before starting to improve the world."
--Anne Frank

Done a good deed for the day yet? No? Why not? Just a smile might make all the difference to someone whose day needs brightening. Let your last act on Earth be a good one. I know I am trying. Very hard.

Peace is not something you wish for, it is something you make, something you do, something you are, and it is something you give away.

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