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Friday, May 19, 2006

Latest Update 

Since there were so many pictures associated with what I had to say about us working on building the house, and I was afraid that sticking that many in one post would slow the loading time down so much for this site, I put them all on the photopage along with all of the descriptions and explanations about them. Therefore I see no need in duplicating that information here.

I did break up the pictures by the date they were emailed to me from Laura's mother, so they are put up on different days starting with April 2, and that is also the date that I wrote the post to go with them, but since I haven't updated the photopage any more than I have updated this site, my groups, or done anything else online since we started working like crazy on that house, they should all appear on the front page. At least they should for now if you read them now and have not come to this post at a much later date (which is, of course, the main reason I am explaining this - for those who do come here months, or even years, later). Anyway, that is the date to start at to read the whole explanation, then scroll back up to look at the pictures so that you can see them in the proper order. I will also go ahead and tell you that we took more pictures than appear there, and we will find ut why the rest were not sent to us. Either Laura's mother just didn't send them or her camera was acting up again, and they didn't take or transfer to her computer properly. We don't know at this point - just that we took a lot more than she sent us, so there is nowhere near the number of them that existed on the site. but there are enough to give you the general idea of about how we started and when as well as pretty much what it looks like now. The main difference now is that the roms are full of all of the stuff Lowe's delivered and the vinyl flooring the Laura went and bought the other day to go down in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. Now we can figure out properly how to wire and plumb for it all, so that is one of the next things we intend to do. We talked to the wiring guy just a little while ago (he called while we were writing this post), and he is supposed to come and assess the situation next week and should have it wired in a couple of weeks. After that, it's goodbye trailer! Burn, baby burn! Can't wait to watch and film that either. he he!

Anyway, from this point on, now that we have slowed down so considerably, we will make updates at the time they happen and won't wait over a month to do so, so you can keep up with how it comes along. Like I said, Laura has had this house built in her head for years and knows exactly how it will look, down to where she intends to put what furniture even, but no one else can see the pictures in her head, so everyone will just have to follow along as we get it done just as those of us who are building it are following her directions as to how she wants things done. Of course, I have a pretty good idea of how it will look, as she has explained it to me, and I have been working on it since the beginning, but even I don't have the kind of pictures in my head that she does.

I do know one thing. I can't wait until we get in there.

Today I am using my new planer she bought to run our hardwood flooring through since we couldn't get the boards to the place that does that now that our truck is down, and we can't depend on anyone to do everything like that when we need them to. And, unlike a few sheets of fiberboard or plywood, we certainly can't carry a whole truckload of lumber on top of a minivan! Besides, I have to admit that I am one of those guys who loves power tools and who has always wanted a planer. I have already tested it out and used it on a few of the boards that were more warped than the others, and I love the thing! It works well, and the boards are coming out so pretty. We don't intend to stain them - just put a clear finish on them and cover a good portion of them with area rugs, both to protect them and for color so that each room's decor matches. Again, that part of things is part of the picture in Laura's head. And, like she told her mother the other day, we will be easy to buy for on holidays for quite awhile now! Ha ha ha!

We are so very excited!!!!!!

Well, I'm off to plane some boards now. Talk to y'all later.....
Don't burn the trailer ! Turn it into a shelter.
We have very good reasons for burning it. It isn't fit for anyone else. Let's just leave it at that for now, okay?
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